Moving from tribe to cross cluster search

Hi All,

We have an infra where we have around 10 big clusters behind tribe nodes and all of them are on ES 5.4 and data is time sharded and ever growing. We need to move our infra to 7.8 (priority is to have live data cluster to 7.8 first) and wanted to understand from experts here what could be the issue if I go with following -

  1. Move current infra to cross cluster search (in place) and remove tribe nodes altogether
  2. Add new cluster on ES 7.8 and make it part of the above clusters (expecting few communication issues)
  3. Migrate old clusters from ES 5.4 to ES 7.8 one by one

Let me know if there seems to be any major issue with above approach and what would be recommendation in that case.

Thanks in advance

You are in a bit of a tough position being on such on old version with 5.4, as the tribe functionality was removed in 7.0.

You will need to follow the upgrade docs to get to 6.8, then migrate to CCS, then upgrade to 7.X.

Another option is to setup new clusters on 7.8, setup CCS, then do a remote-reindex to pull the old data in. That would probably be the best option, as it gives you the ability to update mappings as well.

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