Multi tenancy PDF reports generation using Kibana / Canvas


I'm new here and I'm investigating how I can use Canvas to generate nice looking PDF reports for different tenants. I'm new to Kibana and I'm not sure if what I'm trying to achieve is even possible . I'm using the version 8.1 of Elastic.

The idea is to maintain a single canvas that will generate PDF reports for all the tenants. That's very important as I don't want to duplicate the canvas for each and every tenant, and want to maintain a single version of it. So, I would like to be able to provide the tenant id into a variable which I use in the canvas to show only the data of that particular tenant. The tenant id being indexed in every Elasticsearch document.

This concept is working well with Kibana Dashboards where I can embed and add the tenant_id into the URL. But unfortunately, this solution renders an HTML which do not provide me with enough control when generating a PDF from it. That would be my fallback solution if I can't find a way to use Canvas...

Is there anyone who did something similar ? any ideas ?

Thanks a lot!

You could achieve this at Elasticsearch level by adding document security to your indices. That is, the query to an index will be affected by the role of the user making it.

You have an example of this feature in the Kibana guide:

That solution would work with Canvas an any other application since the parameter is implicit by the authentication.

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