Multiple draphs into front dashboard

Hi All,

I have multiple excel sheet data and want to prepare a graphs for all those and present in dashboard.
I want to see multiple graphs in one dashboard.

could you please guide me

Hi. Kibana requires that your data be stored in elasticsearch. It does not currently support importing data from other sources. You can of course import the data from your excel files into elasticsearch itself. A quick google can give you a couple starting points for doing this.

Hi David ,

Thanks for the update ,
I am importing multiple CVS data from elasticsearch to kibana but i just want to prepare a dashboard by using those files.

I can create different graphs by using those CVS files but i just want o combine those all graphs in dashboard.

Sorry, probably a little lost on your question. Are you looking to recreate dashboards and visualization setup quickly in your Kibana instance?

Have you looked into the import / export of saved objects (specifically a dashboard object) within the management / saved objects section of Kibana?

That will will allow you to quickly set up a dashboard around imported visualizations.

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