Multiple elasticsearch support within one kibana instance

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Hi Team,

I would like to have 2 elasticsearch instance and would like to access it from within kibana based on need. Elasticsearch instance can be on cluster setup.

I believe there is something like 'tribe' node setup. but not very clear about that.

Any help?

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Check out

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Tried setting up the cluster like below:

PUT _cluster/settings
  "persistent": {
    "search": {
      "remote": {
        "cluster_one": {
          "seeds": [

but when i try to fetch the remote info

GET /_remote/info

  "cluster_one": {
    "seeds": [],
    "http_addresses": [],
    "connected": false,
    "num_nodes_connected": 0,
    "max_connections_per_cluster": 3,
    "initial_connect_timeout": "30s"

Error searching index:

GET /cluster_one:index_name/type/_search

  "statusCode": 504,
  "error": "Gateway Timeout",
  "message": "Client request timeout"

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