Multiple Kibana servers

Hi, I will use ELK for logging Java exception logs in production environment. I would like to have two different user groups, "viewer" and "admin", to access Kibana. I'm wondering what is the best approach to setup Kibana. Because "Management" and "Dev Tools" have direct access to Elasticsearch and users can delete indices through them, we don't want to "viewer" group to access these tools and only allow "admin" group to do this.

I'm thinking to create two Kibana servers, one for "admin" and the other for "viewer". I might need to directly change Kibana source code and remove "Management" and "Dev Tools" from nav bar items for the "viewer" instance.

Is this a reasonable approach? Is there any other ways to have different Kibana UI for different user groups?

You can use Security to restrict access to Kibana Spaces, and also underlying Elasticsearch indices and actions.

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