Need assistance to create map based on longitude ,lat fields?

Hi Experts,

I have 2 fields in my logs with the name , dlong,dlat and values are like 37.3394012451,-121.8950042724.

I want to show them on map in kibana . Please suggest how I can achieve this?


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To use tile maps in Kibana 4, you need to index the geo field as a geo_point type:

Thank you Tanya,

Here I have a confusion , as you suggested I have to convert both the geo fields i.e slong,slat which are string as of now to geo_point type rt? so something like
"slong" : {"type": "geoip"},
"slat" : {"type": "geoip"},

Secondly if I convert both the fields into geoip do I need to use geoip {} filter in logstash ? as i want to show src filed IPs on map.


Yeah, you should use Logstash. Here is a good thread on this topic: Displaying Geo data on Tile Map

Thanks Tanya,

It helps alot, and it works for me ..:slight_smile:


Thank you for the assistance, I tried following and it works

  mutate {
        convert => {
            "slat" => "float"
            "slong" => "float"
        add_field => {
            "[geoip][location]" => [ "%{slong}", "%{slat}" ]
            "[geoip][latitude]" => "%{slat}"
            "[geoip][longitude]" => "%{slong}"


My next concern is how i can get Country name out of it ?


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If you have an IP address, you can get country from GeoIP mapping using a Logstash filter:

Otherwise, to get country information from the geographical coordinates, you'd need to hit something like the Google geocoding API: Logstash has an HTTP input which may but you may need to do that mapping outside of Logstash, as I don't believe there currently is an HTTP filter. You may want to ask this question in another thread on the Logstash channel.

Thank you Again Tanya , I'll open separate thread on LS.

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