Need help to build dashboard for daily ingestion rate per host

Hi All,

I am in process of building dashboard which gives me daily ingetion growth per day per host. After reviewing the monitoring index fields I saw there was no any field which Carrie's this data.

Could any one help me is there any system index which Carrie's this data which am missing If not then will think some other process.


You may want to try first and post issues if any for guidance. I don't think someone will do the work for you

Sorry My bad .... it wasn't a right question have edited my query with right ask. Thanks

Data is indexed into indices and shards, which can be relocated over time. I am therefore not sure how or why you would try to track this. You can probably get an approximation by determining total indexed volume and divide this by the number of indexing nodes?

We would like to create dashboard to view daily ingetion growth across the cluster I.e data nodes.

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