Need help to setup the Alerts as we are running Free Basic license at this time

(Shah) #1

I am new to the Elastic Searcg. We are using ES and Kibana 5.x as Free basic licenses with Td-Agent and like to set up the alert.

Please let me know my options to set up alerts in Free basic license model and How can I set up the alerts.
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(Mark Walkom) #2

What sort of alerts are you after?

(Shah) #3

Thank you for email.

After creating the indexes, we like to set the alert on query of the indexes.
E.g. Query index/es for field name value and look for word in message body and if it exists then send the alert start with email (it will be nice if we can integrate with HipChat). Also This should be for latest one and able to schedule the query to run every define time repetitively (say 5 minutes). It should alert for the latest match. If match stop on next query then send the resolve notification.

Expect to hear from you soon.

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(Shah) #4

By the way is there any suggestion to use the alert on Free Basic license model.

Any help will be great favor.

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(Mark Walkom) #5

That is not part of the basic license.

(Shah) #6

Thank you for reply.
By the way if there are any 3rd party Alert plug-in for ES 5.x which you are aware of it and open source then please let us know.

Thank you,

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