Need to change default time range for apm monitoring in kibana

The default time range for apm monitoring in kibana is 24 hours and we want to change it to last 1 hour. I tried changing the 'Time picker defaults
' from kibana settings, but apm dashboard still had the same time range of last 24 hours. How can I configure this?

Thanks in advance

Kibana version: 7.1.0

Elasticsearch version: 7.1.0

APM Server version: 7.1.0

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Just adding a +1 to this. This was the very first question I asked when on our intro call with customer success. Generally I want to see the last 3 hours activity by default as it's a little slow to get 24 hours worth every time.

Hi All, Can anyone help with this?

@Shashank_Sah sorry this one was missed!

It's not currently configurable I'm afraid. There is an issue open to address this:

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