Need to create a custom link in Kibana in order to showcase ServiceNow updates

We are planning to use watcher webhook for integration with Service now to create tickets. we need to receive the acknowledgement back from ServiceNow and also update Kibana Dashboard to reflect details of ticket (status).
How can this be done?

Watcher cannot get response data into Elasticsearch. You'll have to use ServiceNow logs, ingest them in Elasticsearch and use that to keep the dashboards updated.

Marius_Dragomir, Do you mean even an acknowledgement 'OK' from service now cannot be perceived by Kibana. Then how do we avoid duplicate ticket creation for same alert? :frowning:

Watcher will wait for a valid response from the webhook, but the rest basically falls on the way you create and tune the watch so that it won't give you too many results for one failure/degradation.

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