Can we integrate Watcher with Kibana

Hi Experts,

I have couple of queries and if you can provide some references that would be great

--> Is it possible to integrate Watcher with Kibana.
--> Can I see alerts in kibana ?
--> Is it possible to send alerts over the email ?
--> Can we integrate watcher with a ticketing tool like Remedy or Snow ?


Hi Vikas,

There isn't a direct integration between Watcher and Kibana today, but the two do work well together.

Perhaps the quickest way to get an overview is this Webinar video [1] - I talk through what it does, how it works, and show a real-time demo of configuring a watch based on a Kibana Dashboard.

Watcher maintains a full set of history for watches, so you know when they were run and whether conditions were met. See an example dashboard here [2]

Watcher has email and webhook actions. It looks like Remedy has a RESTful API, so you could easily use watcher to detect an issue and automatically create a ticket in Remedy.



1, 2) Watcher stores execution of watches in ES itself. It is stored in the history indices. You can build dashboards on top of the history indices to visualise your alerts as is described here:
): Yes, there is an email action:
4) If these systems have web hook integration then this is possible by using the web hook action:

Wow !! this helps Steve , Appreciated your support .

Thanks Van for your help and support .I will check the links and get back in case of any doubt .