Need to set a Y axis parameter manually instead of default in Vertical and horizontal Bar


I have created the below datatable dashboard.Further i need a timeline in it and i want to achieve that in a vertical or Horizontal Bar type graph , with timeline at one axis and up or down status on other axis for spans

Span 1 Span 2 Span 3 Span 4 Span 5 Span 6 Span 7 Span 8 Span 9 Span 10 Span 11 Span 12 Span 13 Span 14 Span 15 Span 16
Up Up Down Down Down Down Up Up Down Down Up Up Up Up Up Up

Please help to create the visualization as requested or suggest any other idea to do the same

Any update on this...

Have you tried creating a heat map chart? That will allow you to display time on one axis and another field on the other axis

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