Need to setup mail alert on Mertricbeat data using ML (Prediction Alert)

Objective:- Need prediction alert from kibana on metricbeat data?

I've setup metricbeat 100+ servers and data is reporting, also I've created some anomaly jobs to identify anomalies and alert critical anomalies. now want to schedule the forecast and based on forecast data need threshold-based alerting.

Please suggest the steps and methodologies to achieve the given objective.

Hi @aniket.sonavane ,

See this doc: Generating alerts for anomaly detection jobs | Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack [master] | Elastic

Does that help?

hi @chrisronline

thanks for replying
I already have set up these anomaly alerts based on running data. but the objective is to create a predictive alert like "In next 2 days/hours hostname=xyz disk/CPU/memory utilization will be 80% " so the user can take action before the anomaly occurred.

Hi @aniket.sonavane,

At the moment there is no easy way to set up the forecasting alerts you're referring to. As a workaround I can suggest the following:

  1. Create forecast jobs using the Machine Learning plugin in Kibana or with API
  2. Set up the index threshold alerting rule type. You need to query the .ml-anomalies-* index for result_type:model_forecast with desired job IDs (potentially filter for partition, over or by fields), time range and checking a threshold value against forecast_prediction.
  3. You will also need something for scheduling forecast yourself, wich is the most difficult part here. Utilizing the Kibana task manager might help.

You may consider creating a feature request with more details about your particular use-case.

Hope it helps.


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