New autoresponder bot enabled

Thanks to the awesome team at Discourse, we've enabled a new autoresponder bot to trial.

The idea is to flag any EOL versions of the stack that users may have deployed and post an automated response recommending an upgrade. The rationale here is that if a user is running an EOL version and runs into issues, there's a decent chance that the issue has been resolved in newer versions of the Stack (or even the JVM), and upgrading is a relatively simple and effective approach to take.

We do want to flag that this is a little simple and there may be threads that get replied to that don't match, as it's a match on a string in a post. If you find these replies are not really making sense for a topic, then please do report the post to us so we can investigate and tighten things up.

If you have any other feedback about the trial, please do let us know right below!

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