Newbie Question - Console Use

Hello all,

I am new to the whole ELK stack and trying to learn how to use the Kibana console. I have entered the following on the left side:

PUT /catalog/_doc/ 1 { "sku": "SP000001", "title": "Elasticsearch for Hadoop", "description": "Elasticsearch for Hadoop", "author": "Vishal Shukla", "ISBN": "1785288997", "price": 26.99 }

On the right side nothing happens. Am I supposed to see that the PUT command was executed, whether or not successfully? Is that how this works?


Yes, after you execute the command you should see some sort of output on the right side. From what you pasted though it looks like you need to add a newline between the path and the object, so it looks like this:

PUT /catalog/_doc/1
  "sku": "SP000001",
  "title": "Elasticsearch for Hadoop",
  "description": "Elasticsearch for Hadoop",
  "author": "Vishal Shukla",
  "ISBN": "1785288997",
  "price": 26.99

Thank you for pointing out what I had done wrong. Its starting to make a little sense so far. Here is a new one. What have I coded wrong:

PUT /customers/_doc/1
"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Smith",
"contact": {
"mobile": "212-xxx-yyyy"

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