Nginx version

hi all,

I want to install NGINx to have authentication ability for kibana. My kibana version is 6.4.2 and my elasticsearch version is 6.5.1.
what is the best version for NGINX according to version of kibana and elasticsearch?
can i install NGINX as offline? actually my ELK tools have been installed on a server which cannot be seen on internet and just can be seen locally. can i install nginx in this case as offline?

I would go in for the most stable compatible release of ngnix installation. about offline installation, am not too sure, tagging @jarpy for more clarity in offline installation

Please answer when u find time.


I agree with @rashmi. Any version of nginx will suffice, so may as well use the latest.

I don't really understand the "offline" question, sorry. Nginx is just software. You can install it from any source you like, including a USB stick if your system is air-gapped.

many thanks both of you

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