What is the need of installing Nginix while installing elastic search and kibana

Hi Team,

Recently i followed some tutorials on the installation of elastic search and kibana. Some of them are installing Nginx along with elastic search and kibana.
What is the need for installing Nginx?
How does it help?


There is no need to install Nginx, it was used before to put a basic authentication layer in front of Kibana, because the security features were paid features, but it is been 2 years since the basic authentication feature is free with the elastic license.

When following tutorials about anything related to the elastic stack always check the date and the version and always look at the official documentation to see what changed.

Just to add weight to Leandro's comments, there is no need to nginx unless you want to do URL/port redirection. Security is a free feature with the Elastic Stack

Thank you so much Leandro

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