No enrollment token for Fleet Agent

I went to do the wizard for creating a fleet agent user and let it setup everything. When I clicked create user all of a sudden it timed out my web session. I went back in and the user for fleet enrollment is there. The role is also assigned to it and the roll looks like it has the right permissions. I went to deploy an agent and noticed that there is no enrollment token at all listed. So I can't setup the ElasticBeats. Is there a way to almost start the wizard over again.

I think you can use the /api/fleet/enrollment-api-keys to create one.

It was a poc so I just built it again on Sunday before the reply. I took a snapshot. It almost seems like in the realm chain I needed local for that fleet user. Once I added native to the realm chain and rain it, everything seemed to start creating enrollment ids. Thanks for the extra advice.

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