How to reset Fleet / Get a new Service Token?


I kind of crashed my fleet setup and needed to remove all agents (including the one providing the fleet "server").
But now I can't create a new Fleet server like in the beginning where it asked me to enter an IP, generate a service token, etc..
I tried just enrolling an agent with the default fleet server policy but it saw that just as a normal enrollment and not as a fleet server creation. I also can't find this fleet service-token anyway.

So how can I get back to that prompt in the Kibana>Fleet>Agents tab telling me to create my first fleet server?

I tried deleting all fleet related indices but it wouldn't let me so I am out of ideas.


It's possible to generate a new service token if you try to add an agent to the Default fleet server.

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Thank you, didn't even realize that :sweat_smile:

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