No handler found for uri [/fact/couchbase] and method [GET]

Hello All,

I have created index in elastic search (Name: fact) which type is couchbase document. I have created one JSON file from this index. I have run below command.

curl -XGET http://localhost:9200/fact/couchbase -d @plugins\transport-couchbase/temp.json

But I got error as below. I couldn't read file.

Warning: Couldn't read data from file "plugins\transport-couchbase/temp.json",
Warning: this makes an empty POST.
No handler found for uri [/fact/couchbase] and method [GET]

Content of temp.json file is as below
took: 4
timed_out: false
_shards: {
total: 5
successful: 5
failed: 0
hits: {
total: 1
max_score: 8.65597
hits: [
_index: fact
_type: couchbaseDocument
_id: TaxonomyData.d8323389-df45-40fc-9dc6-5a44fedc2620
_score: 8.65597
_source: {
doc: {
TaxonomyDataId: 8ee4715a-7647-498c-83aa-c7475c6b8727
TaxonomySetId: c4d98a57-7cc5-42b4-ae38-8714dd3447fc
TaxonomySetColumnName: null
Mandatory: false
RowId: b5ea8c73-7a43-43bc-99a7-c3fe199da880
Data: as
ActiveUser: aed23238-8778-41e8-a548-189eeb003f1c
ActiveOrganization: d17319a9-e7e1-47f8-82f2-21962d5fd6b5
ActiveWriteTime: 2013-01-11T08:53:37.2549205Z
EffectiveFromTimestamp: 2013-01-11T08:53:37.2549205Z
IsDeleted: false

If i want to retrieve data of two column only then please let me know how we can do that?
Please help me for same.
Quick Response will be appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,
Suraj Bhansali