No logout option on the Kibana GUI


I can understand this is a very basic thing. But I don't see any logout option in the Kibana GUI. Please find the attached ss below.

When we installed this in previous days neither it asked for the login credentials at the first sign in.

Note: This is a basic version 7.17.15.

Is it because of the X-Pack security is not enabled ? And to enable this feature does one need to subscribe for a licensed version.


If you don't activate security then you don't login. So you can't logout.

Thanks @dadoonet

Was able to fix this after enabling the security.

The respective changes in the kibana.yml and elasticsearch.yml were done and finally after running the below command where the passwords got generated (auto). And was able to login using the password for elastic and then created the superuser from the Management > Stack Management > Security > [Users, Roles].

For 7.17

./bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto


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