No logs in kibana after changes

I have changed path in elasticsearch on all 3 nodes running on different hosts in the cluster.
Since then, I am not able to see logs through Kibana.

As soon as I started kibana, all indexes added in kibana lost. I created new index - (it was working with previous configuration). Still its not showing results. I can see from file path, indexes are created under new

please guide me on this.


Kibana just talks to Elasticsearch, so this is really an Elasticsearch question. When you changed, did you also move the contents of the directory that pointed to?

NO I haven't moved contents? DO I need to do that as well?

Yes, of course. If you just point to a new directory ES won't find anything and will think that it's a new installation.

Yes I will do that,

But at least it should show new data created after path changed. I seen some indexes created, as it shown in ES logs.

Anyways I will try it again.