No matching indices found: No indices match pattern

I have a lot of index patterns and not all of them now have an index in the elasticity, after updating the kibana from 7.8.1 to 7.14.0 I cannot go to Management - Index Patterns because of:

  1. Heavy load during transition
  2. Lots of bugs in kibana.

I cannot delete an index pattern without an index now, because the indexes appear in the future.

How can I disable these errors and enter Management - Index Patterns without increased load?

Why not use the API's ?

Use API to create one index pattern?
To add an extra field to one index pattern?
And what about people who do not know how to api?

If there is an interface, the kibana must work through the interface.
In 7.8.1 it worked, in 7.14.0 it did not.

Upgrading to 7.15 solved the problem

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