No MySQL Enterprise module available

In my filebeat module directory (/usr/share/filebeat/module) there is no mysqlenterprise directory with the configuration of the mysqlenterprise module. Where can i find this conf?

If you mean the filebeat modules configuration, it is in /etc/filebeat/modules.d/*

The /usr/share/filebeat/module is the folder that holds all our templates, ingest pipelines etc.


Yeah, those templates, ingest pipelines, conf, etc are missing in some filebeat packages. At this time i solved the problem with an specifict package downloaded from an external repository, where these people break up the package in a description where i found this "filebeat/module/mysqlenterprise".


Are you looking for mysqlenterprise module for filebeat? I don't know if there is one. There is one for mysql.

Which external repository you are referring to?

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