No old data in developer tool, but data are present in discover

Modified today


When I use the elastic api, via curl or the developper tool. I cannot got data from some old indice.

But if I use the discover feature of Kibana, it can get those data.

Moreover, if I go from discover, got some datas, the with the inspect option I click on "Open in dev tools", the the copied request don't work.

Have you any idea?

I also try to get /_cout api, it says count:0. But with /_stats I have some counts

Please try with just the query part from Inspect and remove everything else. Also, please ensure you are using correct index name or pattern for searching.

Still the same
I also try the index patern(with a * in the name) and the exact name it change any thing

Can you please provide your query in text form rather than image, would be helpful in editing and providing a meaningful solution or alternative ?

Also, please add match_all: {} query intead of must.

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