Non-compliant license for [geohash_grid aggregation on geo_shape fields]


Topic says it all. I'm trying to run a query to aggregate geo_shape field on geohash_grid. However, getting an error about non-compliant license:

  "type": "security_exception",
  "reason": "current license is non-compliant for [geohash_grid aggregation on geo_shape fields]",
  "license.expired.feature": "geohash_grid aggregation on geo_shape fields"

Where can I find information about this restriction? And is there a way to to bypass it? I tried googling it, but found nothing. Thanks!

I'm using Elasticsearch 8.0.0.

Hi @Pyppe

The Feature / Subscription Level can be found here.

Those geo aggregations are a commercial licensed feature.

Please do not attempt to bypass the subscription/license as that is a violation of the license agreement.

You can try the trial license under Stack Management - License and decide if the value is there for you to purchase a license or perhaps to run it in Elastic Cloud.

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The "bypass" would be to use Elastic Cloud, as it'd include that feature by default :slight_smile:

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