Not able to contact ElasticSearch service on 9200

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  1. I have installed elastic search service and prerequisites on a local machine. I could see that "service elasticsearch status" shows that service is running.

  2. Below logs are dumped to /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.log file when service is launched. Ip table service is stopped.

  3. I explicitly un commented and port fields to bind to specified ip and port( 9200), but when i try to contact the machine using, nothing shows up, but the webserver is running on this machine and other sites are accessible. Any thoughts?

05-02 22:24:17,884][INFO ][node ] [Sharon Ventura] version[1.1.1], pid[21799], build[f1585f0/2014-04-16T14:27:12Z]
[2014-05-02 22:24:17,885][INFO ][node ] [Sharon Ventura] initializing ...
[2014-05-02 22:24:17,892][INFO ][plugins ] [Sharon Ventura] loaded [], sites [head]
[2014-05-02 22:24:22,288][INFO ][node ] [Sharon Ventura] initialized
[2014-05-02 22:24:22,288][INFO ][node ] [Sharon Ventura] starting ...
[2014-05-02 22:24:22,394][INFO ][transport ] [Sharon Ventura] bound_address {inet[/]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2014-05-02 22:24:25,449][INFO ][cluster.service ] [Sharon Ventura] new_master [Sharon Ventura][GYPgQG0qSniSd36gP7ErdA][inet[/]], reason: zen-disco-join (elected_as_master)
[2014-05-02 22:24:25,611][INFO ][discovery ] [Sharon Ventura] elasticsearch/GYPgQG0qSniSd36gP7ErdA
[2014-05-02 22:24:25,714][INFO ][http ] [Sharon Ventura] bound_address {inet[/]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2014-05-02 22:24:25,759][INFO ][gateway ] [Sharon Ventura] recovered [0] indices into cluster_state
[2014-05-02 22:24:25,760][INFO ][node ] [Sharon Ventura] started


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