Not able to create a data table using Split rows bucket type

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Kibana Version : 5.5

I want to create a data table to show the number of logins to a website based on the user names. so basically it will be like this

UserID First Name Last Name Count
ABC Alice Jack 1
XYZ Mike pence 3

I know that i have to use a data table visualisation and based on the search query, i will have to split the results. But somehow i am not seeing the Split Bucket type : Split rows. Only i see is Split group and i am not getting what i am looking for. My search query gives me the total number of logins to the website.

Attaching the screenshot.Missing split bucket type

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I think you are getting confused about metric table and data table for doing this aggregation.

Using data table should help you answer this question. Here is my data table for and their counts:

You can add any number of sub buckets to further filter this.


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