Not able to download dataset blogs.csv for offline pracitce

Could you please let me know, how I could download dataset , blogs.csv for offline practice? In elastic engineer1 , i did not see any link for downloading datasets. Please help


We do not provide the ability to download the datasets. We provide an on-demand lab for practice. Why would you want to practice offline? Are you experiencing issues with the online lab?

I could see a session named " Running labs on your local machine" in the lab guide; where it is mentioned that data set is downloadable! Now you are saying what is the necessity of download!

Online lab is permitted for some couple of hours. If dataset able to download, later stages too, I could practice

That instruction you're seeing there are a bit outdated. We do not provide a ZIP these days.

You should have 30 hours to practice with the online labs, which is plenty of time in our experience. You can start and stop this lab environment whenever you want, so it's not like you will have to consume all 30 hours in one session.

Why giving outdated materials??You could update the lab guide

Yes, thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will update the materials.

I'm another victim of this wild goose chase.

4 Copy the datasets directory from the extracted ZIP file directory to your current working directory:
5 The blog dataset has been provided in the form of a CSV file (blogs.csv), along with a Logstash configuration file (blogs_csv.conf). Use Logstash to ingest the blog data:

I also wasted a significant amount of time looking for this sample file following the same instructions. I just came across this post which indicates that the files are no longer available. I don't understand the argument about not providing it but needing to rely on 30 hours of access to the lab environment. If I can set up the environment locally then I would have it available as reference anytime I wanted even after I'm complete with the training.

Hi @wfarmer

Sorry to hear you lost time, Elastic Trainers make a considerable effort in the trainings to communicate that the labs are available online, which the most reliable way of ensuring that all Students have time to complete the materials, regardless of their local architecture or infrastructure.

For reference purposes, the best source is to use the skills you have learned in the training and then check in the latest online documentation


  • Dominic

I too wasted several hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I can't see a logical reason for the datasets to not be provided.

I'd think it would be preferable for people to run labs on their own machines that Elastic isn't paying for.

I got the blog.csv from instructor-led program. I did not see any problem in downloading in that course. Really wonder why here, in this community, elastic folks are saying they did not allow to download!

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