Not able to get client in sentinl when i am using it in kibana 7.2

I am try to use sentinl 6.6 in kibana 7.2 by modifying code ui is working fine but i am facing problem in server.plugins.elasticsearch.getCluster('data').getClient() method its not return anything. Is there any new approach to getclient from kibana7.2. it's a to helpful for me if anyone explain this.
Link :

Hi there, according to the Sentinl README, it's intended for Kibana 6.x. As such, it is probably not compatible with 7.x Please reach out on the Sentinl repo for help with Sentinl.

SENTINL is also designed to simplify the process of creating and managing alerts and reports in Siren Investigate/Kibana 6.x via its native App Interface, or by using native watcher tools in Kibana 6.x+ .

Regarding changes to the ES service, in 7.2 we removed the old interface and replaced it with a new Elasticsearch service that exposes clients via an Observable interface. See the link for more context.

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Thanks Cj . Now sentinl is working fine in kibana 7.2

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