Not able to get results in dashboards from few days back in kibana, index looks ok

Hi all
I am not able to get results from 21st from dashboards in kibana, cluster, nodes, looks ok, and I can get queries from _cat/indices of current day.

What would happen?
I appreciate your advise
kibana ver 6.0.0![not results since 21st april|690x356]

Can you provide GET /_cat/indices/dwh_event*

I would also recommend verifying that the CreationTime field is being populated in the recent documents as that is the filtering currently taking place on this page.

Hi Tyler

Thanks for your replay!

I attached the output of*

Regarding CreationTime field, i don`t see issues if i select specific period of time, for example if i

select any dat/range before 21st of april i can get results, just nothing after that date. Seems like filters are working good

However, let me know if you recommend to do different test over here

Thanks and regards!

(Attachment index output of may 19.txt is missing)

Looks like the cat output wasn't included. You can copy/paste it and use the code formatting, or could post on or similar.


Let me post you link from github of the output.

Libre de virus.

This is also the github link which contains logs taken from today, i can see mismach betwen current date( 2020-5-20, today) and date in latest logs which ones says 2020-5-21

(time has difference) not sure if this could be relevant


Libre de virus.

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