Not all the datas are returned

Hi Team,

I have ELK stack deployed using docker swarm, when I query data I couldn't retrive all the data. I have multi-tenant kibana indices such as Admin-tenant can view all the data and individual-tenant where team/ins data are available using DLS function.

My Issue is I couldn't view some group of data either on discover, dev-tools and elasticsearch curl query, but I could see the data on individual tenant. Data groups with lesser documents in indicies are not visible. Is there something on ES setting that I can update to retrive all the documents?

ES version : 7.10.1
Kibana: 7.10.1


How are you securing your cluster?

@Christian_Dahlqvist , Thanks for your prompt reply, Our cluster is secured using Searchguard.

Then I would recommend raising the issue with them.

Thanks for an update, I will contact the SG

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