Observability Engineer Lab 6.1: No Influencers or data displayed

I am having some trouble following lab 6.1 for Observability Engineer course. Creating the Uptime heartbeat job or the 3 jobs for the apm-* index results in nothing but blank screens. Screenshots below.

Any thoughts?

My first thought is that the date window for the job is off. Try expanding the time picker range?

I tried different date windows including today, this week, this year. It still does not show anything

Make sure both the APM Server and Heartbeat are up and running? I'm not sure why the data would be completely blank otherwise.

ok, will try that out tonight. thanks

I'm facing the same issue. Unfortunately I opened a new question for this :slight_smile:
I recognized the following in the jobs overview:

I am facing the same issues.
I have ensured that the Uptime data is generated as it should.
(I do not see why the APM server should be involved for the uptime data)
My understanding is that there no observer.geo.name data which should be the basis for the analysis. This is also evident from the Single Metric Viewer.
Further one can also see from the statistics that missing_field_count equals total number of documents.
The question is then how to populate the observer.geo.name?
There is then no former lab part on how to enable pipeline/processors for uptime data.

The APM server was in reference to the original poster not seeing any data in the apm-* indices, and, indeed, has nothing to do with Uptime.

While I'm not sure why the geo data is not being populated, in the Anomaly Explorer, there should be two other influencers created automatically: monitor.id and monitor.name.

Those fields are populated. That said, in the environment I stood up to check this, the data is very sparse, which is causing ML to not identify any anomalies in the heartbeat data.

Ok, so one could at one hand conclude that chapter 6 is not possible to exeute successfully. The basic issue is that ML needs a lot of data and that is not possible to accomplish as the data ingest is normally killed as Strigo processes are not maintained over days as conclued in another topic.

The question is now if there is any way to see to that the remining ch 6 tasks can be excuted successfully.

In terms of 6.1, will Elastic see to that observer.geo.name will be populated?
I made a pipeline to set it to Chicago but Single Metric Viewer was still not able to present any options.

The dashboards and visualizations labs should still be functional, if you've collected any data at all. You just need to expand the time picker back to when you first started the course.

It's possible that the obs.geo.name isn't ever filled. If you look at the screenshots in the lab, the values there are actually more like monitor.id values. Since those will eventually produce results, Kibana shows those. But since there are no results on any influencers at all, Kibana shows nothing.

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