Observing conflicts with kibana filters for the "fieldname.keyword" fields

Hi Team,

ELK version : 6.5.4

I have a dashboard, where I am using aggregated data table(1) for showing average CPU utilization for top 10 servers.

In the same dashboard, I also have the saved search(2) where it will show the data related to top processes.

I will go to top 10 host names and apply filter on hostname - > Filter applied as hostname.keyword in kibana.

But this is not getting filtered out properly to show me the top processes in saved search (2),

Where it dont have aggregatable filed(hostname.keyword) but only has hostname. Resulting in no results found.

Beacuse of this aggregatable & non aggretable filed. My searches and drill downs are not working properly.

Note : When I edit the filter in query DSL and rename "hostname.keyword" to "hostname" ,then the saved search (of top processes details ) shows up the details.

Please help, how to overcome this situation & what is the alternate approach to fix this issue

I am not totally following the issue. Would it be possible to reproduce with one of the sample data sets? Then, can you provide the exported saved objects that demonstrate the problem?

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