One search in discover being used for different visualisation

I have many nodes, and each node sends an event that happens repeatedly every 12 hours. all nodes do not send this at the same time.
I need one saved search which is very generic, I want to visualise this through various aggregations and filters. need help with visualisations that filter using node UUID as unique count. ( I do not want repeats of the same event )
I want to use the "data table" to display nodes, with Eg. release channel, or with company name etc ...

Hi @skshandilya69

have you considered use a saved query? That can be reused within Lens editor.

will give this a shot

I am on version 2.8, so we have no Kibana Lens, difficult to upgrade. I am already using saved searches, I don't think this old version supports saved queries?

Sorry, version 2.8 of the ELK stack? Are you sure?

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