Only display lines with a specific value range in one of the column in Kibana

Hello guys,

In a Kibana dashboard, I have a table like this:

| |Count of unique Object.status |
| A | 2 |
| B | 1 |

with, in the index two times the object A like this:

{ "name":"A", "status":"status1" }
{ "name":"A", "status":"status2" }

and B
{ "name":"B", "status":"status1" }

I want the table to only display lines where the second column is 2 or higher. The table should only show A.

Any idea?

Unfortunatel, this is not possible in Lens as you can only filter by single documents and not result of other operations. You could try to figure it out with Vega, but it's not trivial.

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