Only specified value of the field kibana "user" have privilege to view or query

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Hi, I have a question that if I want many users in kibana has different privilege to fetch specified data such user1 can only access SRC_IP field is in or DST_IP field is in and user2 can only access SRC_IP field is in or DST_IP field is in .How can I do?

refer to the reference:
does an index can have different privilege to different users?

thank you in advance!

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Hey @f26227279 if you set up field level or document level security in Elasticsearch, when the user queries the data from Kibana those privileges will be respected, and you can filter the documents or fields that the user is able to see.

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yes, but I hope every user has their own dashboard and can't delete other people's dashboard module. Is it feasible?

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Currently, users can either have read-only access or write access to all of Kibana's "saved objects" which includes Dashboards/Visualizations/Saved-Searches/etc. There is an ongoing effort to implement a more granular approach to access control which is discussed here

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