Filtering data deppending on the user


I'm really new using this incredible tool. I installed kibana in my test server and some questions came up.

1º Is it possible to give access to some data deppending on the user? for example, user A can only see data from machines with id=A*** etc

2º Is it possible to assign accounts, users, rols, etc?

Sorry abut these questions, but i'm really new on that


Hey @ecabanas, if you're specifically looking at filtering access to the underlying data, this is provided by the X-Pack Security plugin and the Field and Document Level Security

Kibana will provide you a user-interface to managing the Users/Roles/Privileges that are stored in Elasticsearch. I'd recommend starting with the following guide which will walk you through securing Elasticsearch and Kibana

Hi Brandon,

Thank you very much, I'm going to read all the information, :wink:


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