Only want alias field name showing in Kibana visualization aggregation drop down list, and need to hide the actual field name from drop down list

I have some questions about alias fields in Kibana.

I have created a set of aliases on the actual ES field name, like the table below. But in Kibana, I only want to see those alias names ( ES Alias Name column ) appear in the Kibana’s visualization, but not the actual field name. But right now, in the Kibana’s aggregation dropdown list, I only can see all the fields in the “Actual field name” column, and both alias fields and the actual fields fpr the number and date type fields from the “ES Alias Name” column. Just wondering is there a way to only show the alias name is the drop down list? I think it is related how I do the field mapping, so I actually attached the sample field mapping also

Actual field name ES Alias Name type
prefix_record_id record_id string
prefix_file_size file_size number
prefix_created_time Created_Time Date
prefix_method_start_time Method_Start_Time Date
prefix_modified_time Modified_Time Date
prefix_file_name file_name string
prefix_file_path file_path string
prefix_file_type FileType string
prefix_sender_name SenderName string

Kibana Visualisation Dropdownlist

Field mapping

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Hi Kenneth,

Currently there is no way. Since there could be multiple alias pointing to the same actual field, we don't know which one would be the one we should show, so it's always showing the actual field name.

But we're working on making this configurable, so that in the future you can specify any field name to be shown in Kibana (not just the ES alias names). You can follow that via the issue and we're expecting to release this in one of the upcoming minor versions of Kibana.



I can actually see both alias name and actual field name for date, and number type. I wonder why the alias string name is not showing, we set the actual string field name as "keyword", is there something we have to do to make the "alias" string type name visible in the Kibana visualization too.


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