Kibana 5.1.2 Visualize drop down short name issue

We are using ELK 5.1.2 with field name set to short name. For example, if the field name in Person.First.Name, it gets displayed as P.F.Name on the Discover page which is good. However, when we go to Visualize page, the drop down shows P.F.N which makes it very hard to figure out the field name.

Is there a work-around or a fix for this short field name issue in the visualize drop downs?

I can't think of a current workaround, it's applied globally. Is the entire string showing P.F.N is the visualize dropdown or P.F.Name? It sounds like a bug if it's truncating the last property.

Entire string is showing as P.F.N in the visualize dropdown. I agree this is a bug. What is the procedure to get it fixed?

Filing an issue on github,

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