OnPremise installation: Upgrade from Basic to Gold or Platinum (5.5.2)

How can i upgrade my free or basic Elastic Search installation to either gold or platinum.
I believe when we talk about in ES/Kibana (Costing and features prespective) we have

  1. X-pack
  2. Gold or Platinum license

till now I have understood that x-pack is used to enable security features for the product and whose cost is standard irrespective of the subscription (basic, free, gold or platinum) we choose.

do we have separate licence cost

  1. Gold Subscription?
  2. Platinum Subscription?

apart from x-pack license.

Please validate and correct my understanding if am wrong (version i am referring here is 5.5.2)

A basic license is free. Anything beyond that, Gold and Platinum, does cost. However you can get access to the full Platinum level of functionality on Elastic Cloud.

Thanks for the quick response.
We can't go for Elastic cloud :slight_smile: But will this cost either for Gold or platinum is over and above the x-pack cost?

I don't know what the cost is, you'd need to contact sales@elastic.co.

It might be easier to keep the discussion in one thread, let's carry on in What are different subscription available in ES 5.5.2