What are different subscription available in ES 5.5.2


We are planning to use ES 5.5.2 version. Can you help me understand different subscription available for this release. Information about latest one is already available on the internet site.

5.5.2 is well over 18 months old and is no longer maintained or supported. You should definitely not be planning to use it in any new endeavours.

The features available at each subscription level are pretty much the same as the ones for the more recent versions, except for all the features added in the last 18 months. The support coverage at all levels will be minimal since this version is no longer supported.

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Thanks David for the quick reply and the update on the support coverage as well.
I know about x-pack which is used for security, alerting etc and we have to purchase it separately.

Apart from this x-pack cost if we plan for either gold or platinum subscription. Will we need to pay it separately for the subscription as well eg.

Total Cost: xpack cost + Gold or Platinum Subscription


Total Cost: Xpack only irrespective of the subscription.

Assumption: xpack cost will remain same irrespective of the subscription.

No I am not looking for the amount or figure from you.
What i am looking for is how your licensing works. Do we need to pay for both xpack and subscription or either of them (xpack or subscription).

[Mark Walkom] has closed the other thread where i want to understand the upgrade process as well.

The x-pack features are included in the subscription. They're not separate things.

To upgrade a version as old as 5.5.2 you must install x-pack and then there's an API to install the licence. In all maintained versions x-pack is included by default so you can upgrade with a simple API call.

Ok. I believe X-pack file will determine if its belong to Gold or Platinum Subscription.

Additionally (again i am not looking for any value from costing perspective) i believe costing will differ for each type as mentioned below:

  1. Basic Subscription
  2. Gold Subscription
  3. Platinum Subscription

And it won't be same.

The subscription level unlocks features in X-Pack as per this table. Basic level if free while Gold and Platinum comes at a cost. Note that not all features were available in Elasticsearch 5.X.

Correct. X-Pack unlocks the features. But if buy x-pack for either for one of the following

  1. basic
  2. gold
  3. platinum

then cost will vary right?
I am asking this because someone has told me "Price of X-Pack does not depend on type of subscription."

Hence looking for an answer.

You buy a subscription, which gives you access to X-Pack and commercial features as per the table I linked to. The price of the subscription will vary depending on level and typically also number of nodes. You do not buy X-Pack itself.

Ok. Currently we have installed the Basic Subscription and we are looking to use RBAC in our solution. So you mean we need to buy or upgrade to Gold Subscription as RBAC is supported in Gold Subscription at minimum.

or we can say when x-pack is applied to basic subscription, we are upgrading our subscription to either Gold or Platinum depending on the type of x-pack we opt for or paid for.

Is this understanding correct?

Yes, you will need to upgrade to a Gold level subscription which will unlock Security in X-Pack.

Thanks Christian.
May be the last question :slight_smile:

Do we have any upper limit on the number of users that can have kibana access under various roles after upgrade to Gold Subscription.

No, not that I am aware of.

Thanks for the quick update team. Really appreciated.

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