Optimizing Aggregation Performance

Hi all,
firstly, please excuse me if my questione is not very well formed as I am new to elasticsearch and not very familiar with what details I should list.
We have an elasticearch cluster with three nodes where all of them are data nodes and one is master node.
all nodes are VMs and each has 48 GB Ram.
our main usage for visualization through Kibana.
taking all the above details into consideration I would like your advice as I am facing a problem when creating a dashboards that contains visualization on large indecies where many errors show up when I try to filter over a large period of time (eg. 3 months), however when I refresh dashboard multiple times the error dissapear and I get successful results on all charts.
please find below some additional details:
1- Heap Size on each node is 12 GB
2- I have Monthly indecies where each month is split into ten 45 GB indecies with 2 primary shards each and almost 160 million documents per index
3 - Once I finished writing to a specific Index it is no longer updated in the future
4 - The fields in all indecies consist of keyword, numbers and location type

So, I have the following questions
1 - Is it beneficial to increase the heap size and will it help the performance in my dashboards
2 - What are some other things that I can try to increase query and aggregation performance

very sorry for this being too long but I am new to this and I appreciate all the help I can get
Thanks in advance.

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