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I have 5 nodes, 8gb ram each, 2 cpu each and 200 gb Volume each. I have 1shards per index, which was created by default. I have allocated 4gb heap size to the elastic search. Following is the amount of data that gets collected each day, which is being send constantly to the ES though out the day. Two new indices gets created each day with the flowing size.
health status index pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green open metrics-2016.05.03 5 1 98612060 8gb 4gb
green open log-2016.04.22 5 1 10571390 0 6.2gb 3.1gb

As i was told previously to lower down the shards, and i did as well. i see better performance but Still my visualization are taking much time to load on the dashboards. If i keep the time frame of last 2d, it loads the dashboard instantly , but if i increase and make it to last 7d, then the problem is highlighted and takes almost min to load. Any help will really be appreciated.

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You need more resources, specifically heap and CPU.

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It might be better if we keep the discussion happening here, as there is a lot more context and info - Dashboard taking much time to load

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