Options list control is not case sensitive

I have a visualization using an Options list control with multiselect (Kibana 7.9.1). The field contains upper and lower case values of the same word, such as AAA, aaa, BBB, and bbb. When the control is used on a dashboard, it acts like a filter and is implicitly case sensitive. So, selecting AAA results in documents that match AAA and not aaa. However, when attempting to select multiple values in the Options list, it will only allow one selection of either AAA or aaa, but not both. Once either one is selected, the other is removed from the dropdown selection list. This control does not allow more than one of the same case insensitive word. This is a bug, because the filter that is created using this Options list is case sensitive, but the multiselect feature is not case sensitive, and I need both versions of the word AAA in the filter. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Hi @larrya,

This should be achievable by changing the field mappings. By adding a lowercase normalizer, the value could be stored into the same or new field as lowercase and filter accordingly to your expectations.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike. While I could use that approach, the data would now be modified and would not reflect the true source of the data, and would be required on many other fields as well. I was pointing out a bug in Kibana in which the filter that is created using this Options list is case sensitive, but the Options list multiselect feature is not case sensitive. Apparently the multiselect feature should be case sensitive like the queries.

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