Dropdown control on non-.keyword text field in v6.4.5

I'm using kibana 6.5.4 and i'd like to create a case-insensitive control dropdown.

I'm using a logstash jdbc ingestion pipeline with a basic dynamic mappiing from ES (all automatic stuff).

After reading a bit trough the doc i found out that (to my understanding) .keyword field needs exact values (case-sensitive) while normal text fields are case-insensitive. So i guess that if i was able to get my dropdown control to use the not .keyword version of my field, i would be able to use the dropdown in a case-insensitive way But i only see the .keyword versions of my tyext fields in the available fields to use for my dropdown.

Maybe there's a work around by tweaking the mapping manually or a workaround in the logstash ingestion i'm using? maybe it's simply a limitation and i can't work around it. Any insight on this would be welcome.

One workaround you could explore is to enable fielddata on the analyzed text field in your Logstash index pattern. However, it is intentionally disabled by default because enabling fielddata on an analyzed text field can use up a significant amount of memory.

Alternatively, you could configure your Logstash pipeline to lowercase all of the values in your .keyword field to use with the case-sensitive dropdown control. See Mutate filter plugin - lowercase

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