Options list control is not case sensitive

Hi all,

I'm using the version 7.13.4

The answers I found for this topic don't resolve my problem.
It seems that the 'options list' control is not case sensitive.

My mapping is:

   "template" : {
      "settings" : {
         "analysis": {
            "normalizer": {
               "uppercase_normalizer": {
                  "filter":[ "uppercase", "asciifolding" ]
      "mappings" : {
         "properties" : {
            "Name" : { "type" : "keyword", "ignore_above" : 512, "normalizer":"uppercase_normalizer" }

Then when I enter 'A' in the field of the options list control, there are results

But when I enter 'a', results appears as above briefly and then the following message replaces the list:

aa doesn't match any options

Is it an issue ?

Thank in advance for your help

Hi @Rom1 :wave:

I think this is the same bug: Options list control should not search on formatted numbers · Issue #102043 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Would be helpful if you'd comment with your reproduction there.
I assume that the underlying issue is the same and could be fixed together.

Done !

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