Options list vizualization: some unique values of a field are missing in the dropdown list

In the dashboard I want to get statistics for a particular value of "analytics instance". However, when I finish typing it, I get the error as if I don't have documents with such a value. I know for certain that I do. Is it a Kibana bug or am I missing anything?
Timeframes, index names, field names match.

Hi, sorry for not recognizing this, but what application is in the top screenshot, and what kind of data is this?


Is it possible the field is mapped as analyzed text in Elasticsearch? For searches to match literal string matching, the field needs to be mapped as keyword. If there was not explicit mapping via a template or done at indexing time, the default mapping for the field could possibly be multi-field with text and keyword parts.

Yes, it's mapped as text with keyword.

Options vizualization uses keyword field and when I filter by this keyword field in Discover, I do get results:

So I don't see any problem with the mapping.

Hi, I'd just get the data mapped as plain keyword instead of multi-field. Text matching on a multi-field text field won't search the .keyword field by default. You don't need the analyzed text part, and having it there will cause a few instances of confusion.

See: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/multi-fields.html

Nope, that doesn't work neither. Now the field mapping looks like:

I can see the documents in Discover:

but still not able to select this instance:

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