Organizing Search Results by TimeStamp Intervals


I'm working on a dashboard to display search results and metrics on unit tests and acceptance failures per day. I got most of the dashboard setup, but I could not organize the search results by days in columns. The purpose is to provide more details of the failures in the search results for users to read and comprehend without scrolling or navigating through multiple pages of data.

Is there a method to implement that kind of display for search results?

You could use the bar chart visualization, having the y-axis split on the type (failure or success) and the x-axis could be the last x days.

Without aggregating the search results into metrics. I am looking to organize the search results with detail information by days. Such as a 5/11 column that has a list of test failures along with other information selected to be available, such as build url, name, branch, etc. And next to that column a 5/12 column with a list of test failures with other information available in the row: build url, name, branch.