Output from Wildcard Delete

(Tim James) #1

I have a script that runs every night to delete indexes more than a certain number of days old, based on the index name using a curl XDELETE.

I pipe the output to a logfile but all it says is Acknowledged True. Is there a way to get it to tell me the indexes that were deleted, I can't see how to get it to tell me this running the command in Kibana either. I'm suspecting it's not doing exactly what I want but it;s hard to debug.

Many Thanks

(David Pilato) #3

I don't recall such an option.

What you could do is calling the _cat/indices API before and after and compare the outputs?

(Tim James) #4


Thanks. Yes, you're right, if there isn't a built in option, I could basically write one myself and do a compare of the outputs.

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